October 9, 2019

This past week, we began round three of our multi-site sermon series on DO, BE, LIVE Church. We also launched our annual stewardship campaign along this same theme. In the weeks ahead we will be asked to consider ways in which we are being called and challenged to support the ministries and mission of our church at this time. To prayerfully consider what financial commitment we can make to support, sustain, and strengthen our shared work and to move into the future from a position of strength.

This year, the finance committee and Ad Council made the decision to do a unified budget, and this will be reflected in the Pledge Card you will receive shortly, if you haven’t already. When we join the church, we promise to support the congregation with our gifts of time, talent, prayers, presence, witness, and, yes, finances. We do this best when we unify our giving toward supporting the overall ministry, mission, and outreach of the church.

As specific needs arise that exceed the operating budget, we will respond accordingly, but our first priority needs to be the support the overall budget of the church.

This Sunday, we will hear the story of Jesus healing ten lepers. (Luke 17:11 – 19) Ten were healed. Ten were restored to health and community. Ten were now able to be reunited with their family, friends, and faith community. But only one stopped, turned, and gave thanks to Jesus for this gift of healing and life. Only one.

We will consider the ways that we have received so many gifts through the ministries of this church. We will give thanks for all this church has been for us and all the times we have been there for one another. We will give thanks for our shared history and for those who have gone before us and whose shoulders we now stand. And we will prayerfully consider how we being called to build on this legacy and ensure that this church is here for us now and here for those who will come after us. Truly, we have received much. Let us be among the ones who pause and give thanks with grateful hearts.

Hope to see you on Sunday, as together we continue to explore what it means for us to Do Church, Be Church, and Live Church!

Your Partner in Ministry,

Pastor Wendy