October 14, 2019

This Sunday, October 20, is our Commitment Sunday. On this day we will be invited to submit our commitment cards stating our intended financial support of the ministries, missions, programs, outreach and staff of our church.

Making this commitment is a sign of our gratitude for all the gifts we have received through this church and its members. It is also a sign of our loyalty and our willingness to do our part to make First UMC of West Dundee as strong and vital as possible. Additionally, and maybe most importantly, making this commitment is a sign of our faith in a God who never gives up on us, who invites us to venture into an unknown but promised future, and who promises to be with us always. This is an important decision as it will impact what we are able to do in the year ahead.

Making a commitment to support the work of the church with our financial gifts is one of the clearest ways we demonstrate that we are not just a group of individuals who gather together on worship but that, by the grace of God, we are a community called together by God to be the incarnation of God’s love, justice, mercy, and compassion to one another. We are called to be a community that welcomes, affirms and includes all those who come seeking a place of belonging, acceptance, and meaning. We are a sacred family and as a family we all have a gift to give that will enhance the well-being of all.

You should have already received your pledge card in the mail. (If you haven’t or if you have questions, please let me know.) As I said last week, this year, the finance committee and Ad Council made the decision to do a unified budget, and this is reflected in the Pledge Card. When we join the church, we promise to support the congregation with our gifts of time, talent, prayers, presence, witness, and, yes, finances. We do this best when we unify our giving toward supporting the overall ministry, mission, and outreach of the church.

This Sunday, we will focus our attention on the Great Commandment: that we are to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind.” Jesus tells us that there is a second commandment that is like it: that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. (MT 22:23 -28). Jesus reinforces the critical importance of this love when he says to his disciples, “I give you a new commandment that you love one another as I have loved you. Everyone who sees you will know that you are my disciples by the way you love and care for one another.” (JN 13:334 -45)

Over the last four months, as your pastor, I have been blessed to see just how much you all love this church, love one another, and love this community. May our commitment demonstrate the depth and breadth of that love.

Hope to see you on Sunday, as together we continue to explore what it means for us to Do Church, Be Church, and Live Church!

Your Partner in Ministry,

Pastor Wendy