November 19

It has been said that we are living in uncertain times. I certainly agree. We who identify as United Methodist Christians are living in a liminal time. A liminal time is an in between time. What has been is no more, and what will be has not yet emerged.  This can be a time of great anxiety as we move into an unknown future. It can also be a time of great excitement and creativity. We are given the opportunity to craft a new way of being in ministry with one another and to our wider community. It gives us the opportunity to step back from the way we always do things and to ask some key, determinative questions. Key among these are:  What are the things we do not know that we need to know to proactively plan for our future? What is most important to us as a congregation? What are our core values and non- negotiables as a congregation that will guide our decision-making process.

Your elected leaders and pastor take this process very seriously. We are aware that as a congregation we are going to have make some major decisions as the “what will be” becomes more clear in the months ahead. And we are totally committed to keeping you, the members and friends of FUMC, fully informed at every step along the way. The input and participation of each of us is going to be absolutely critical as we proceed.

This month, the strategic elected leadership of FUMC will be using their monthly Ad Council meeting to discuss these critical questions. Rev. Chris Winkler along with Rev. Witt will be facilitating this important discussion. No decisions will be made at this point. What we will be doing is generating a list of questions that we need to research and explore and begin the process of identifying core congregational values and shaping of a congregational identity statement. Again, we will be sharing these with you at a town hall meeting to be held early in 2020.

Please feel free to talk with me or Tom Miller (Ad Council Chair and Lay Leader) about any thoughts, questions, concerns you may have.

In the meantime, as we navigate our way through this liminal time, we will continue to do what we have always done. We will continue to come together to worship and praise our God. We will continue to gather around tables to break bread with one another, grow in our faith, and deepen our connection to one other as the family of God. We will continue to go out into the world to be a source of healing, hope, and light to all those around us. In short, we will continue to Do Be Live Church.

Looking forward to seeing you all in church this week as we conclude our series on Imperfect Saints. Pastor Matthew Johnson will be preaching on Flannery O’Connor.

Your Partner in Ministry,

Pr. Wendy