November 25, 2019

Last week, we concluded our sermon series on Imperfect Saints with Pr. Matthew preaching on Flannery O’Connor. The children and youth, with some adult help, practiced their Christmas play, which they will present on Sunday, December 8. It was a very busy and full day in the life of our church.

This Sunday is going to be an even fuller day. This week marks the beginning of Advent. It is when the church year officially starts. For churches that follow the lectionary, it is the Sunday that we move to a new Gospel for the upcoming year. For more liturgical churches, the color of Advent is blue, signifying we are entering a time of waiting, preparation, and anticipation. We light candles each Sunday traditionally representing hope, peace, love and joy.

This Sunday as we light the first candle of Advent, the candle of hope, we will be led by the choir in an anthem, Love’s Pure Light, with congregational participation. We will have a short skit announcing the sermon series for Advent ~ The Family of God. And, as is our custom on the first Sunday of the month, we will gather around the table as a family of faith and share in the bread and cup of Holy Communion.

The sermon/worship series for Advent will focus our attention on the family of God as we hear and consider stories from Jesus’ lineage. We celebrate the diversity of families in Scripture, in our communities and in our church. We will acknowledge that family is complicated, non-traditional, and multigenerational. Some of us are surrounded and embraced by our biological families and others of us have had to create families of choice. No matter what our particular family may look like, we are all part of God’s family.

This Sunday we will focus on the story of Naomi and Ruth and how these two women created a strong, loyal, and loving family of choice. Our texts will be Ruth 1:1 – 19 and Matthew 12:46 – 50. The sermon title is: We Are Now a Family.

Look forward to seeing you in church on Sunday as together we celebrate our families and all the families of God!

Your Partner in Ministry,

Pr. Wendy