“What Child Is This?” | beginning Sunday, December 29 at 10:00 a.m.

After the Christmas celebration, we will continue to learn about this special Jesus with “What Child is This?”  What can we understand from Jesus’ experiences growing up and the message he brought to our world then and now.

Do, Be, Live church | January 29, February 2 & February 9

Join us as we revisit what it means to do, be and live church in this time and place.

Our Lenten Worship will focus on the Stories Jesus Told.  We will spend the time between Ash Wednesday and Holy Week in a discussion of the parables and the messages they conveyed to Jesus’ followers and what they mean in our lives.

Following Easter, we will take a deep dive into the form, structure and life lessons of the Lord’s Prayer.  We will spend six weeks examining the weighty messages carried in each line and how very significant our prayer lives can be.

We share at the Lord’s Table on the first Sunday of the month. Our choir sings on the first and third Sundays, and guest musicians often share their gift of music with us. Our time together continues after worship as we gather in the Fireside Room for conversation and light refreshments. Our worship is open to all at any stage of their journey.