The sermons on Sunday morning and Saturday evenings sometimes follow the Revised Common Lectionary, and other times, they are series based on themes and topics.  Bulletins and copies of the sermons are available upon request.  We are working on uploading audio versions of the sermons online.

2017-2018 Worship Series: 

May 20- June 24 The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss

April 1- May 13 Christ is Risen: Living as Though Easter Matters

Each Sunday over the next 50 days, we will study the scripture accounts of Jesus’ appearances after he was resurrected.  Have you ever wondered if Jesus’ resurrection REALLY matters on a day-to-day basis? Come and explore a variety of ways that our relationship with our resurrected Lord matters in very concrete ways.  Doubtful? Even better!

Lent: February 18- March 25 Finding the Jesus we NEED (not just the Jesus we want)

January 8- February 4 The Upside Down Kin-dom of God

December 31 New Years Eve & Covenant Service

December 24 at 5:30 pm Christmas Eve Worship Service

December 3 – 24 Good News for All the Earth! 

Throughout the Old Testament, there is prophecy that a Messiah would come who would be the Promised One, who would liberate all people.  In what ways was Jesus’ birth good news, not just for some but for ALL the earth?  Our children, our adults, our youth…all will explore the ways that the incarnational love of God would be good news! Ready for some good news? Come join us! 

November 26 – Giving Thanks

We will celebrate all those things for which we are thankful in this meaningful Thanks-Giving worship experience. 

October 22 – November 19 Crossing the Threshold: Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service, & WitnStewardshipWebsiteBannerImageess

When someone becomes a member, they pledge to give their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.  What does that actually mean? Are we really prepared to offer such things to the church? To God? Wesley invited congregants to go “all in” and not just wait on the porch, but to enter the door and cross the threshold.  Are we ready?  What happens when we do?  Come and share this transformational journey.

October 1 – October 15 Our Methodist Story: 3 Simple Rules3 Simple Rules

Together we will explore our story of the movement of the people called Methodists.  We will learn about John Wesley, Charles Wesley, the classes and groups that developed to deepen their spiritual journey, and how we live into our history.  Particularly, we will explore the 3 General Rules of the United Methodist Church: Do Good, Do No Harm, and Stay in Love with God.